Since Cooking with the Bible was first published in 2006, we have been wonderfully pleased with the amount of attention it has received. Stories have appeared in the Los Angeles Times and Reader's Digest and on Reuters, fine reviews have been printed in a wide variety of religious magazines and Library Journal, and interviews have aired on National Public Radio. To our surprise and delight, the book has been translated into German, Korean, and Chinese! And now, for those readers who would like their own copy, the book is finally available in a paperback edition.

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Over the course of two years, readers have brought a few typos and other errors to our attention, so we have of course made the corrections in the paperback printing. To keep the cost of the paperback edition affordable, we decided that it would include all 18 biblical meals and their 200+ recipes in unabridged form, but that we would not reprint the very long "Lore of the Ingredients" food-history section. But rest assured, "Lore of the Ingredients" will continue to be available in full on this website.

Cook, with the Bible!

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Here you'll find meals found in the scriptures and the recipes to create those meals. Also complete menus inspired by biblical passages, food lore, and our thoughts about the meaning of the passages these menus are drawn from.

Each meal has three sections:

First are the mouthwatering recipes inspired by events described in the Bible, like "King David's Nuptials", "A Meal in the Wilderness", or "The Prodigal Son Returns".

Next we've listed all the ingredients necessary to understand what's at stake in the biblical text the meal is drawn from, while also trying to answer how the words of the Bible can be relevant to those encountering them today.

Finally we offer a brief history and background of the biblical passage that inspired the meal and recipes.


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