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JBThe Jerusalem Bible
KJVKing James Version
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NRSVNew Revised Standard Version
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The Recipe Widget is a piece of code that can be added to your website or blog. To install it you need to copy the code that appears here. Once you properly place the code on your website or blog you should see the Recipe Widget box. (You will need to refer to your own website or blog to find proper placement for this code.) This box will display a random recipe that will change every time a user visits the site or blog and also on page refresh. The recipe links back to for complete cooking instructions. You will need an internet connection for this to work.

To add the Recipe Widget to your Blogger blog:

  • Once you are signed in to your blog access the "Template" tab
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  • Click on "Add a Page Element."
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  • Title the recipe widget. We suggest Recipe Widget, but you can use your own title.
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  • You will be returned to the "Page Elements" section where you can then move the widget to the desired location on your blog.
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Q. The meals come from the scriptures, but the recipes for the individual foods aren't actually in the Bible so where do they come from?
A. The recipes as well as the ingredients used in each were inspired by the Bible. The authors spent many months developing each recipe based on both the Bible text and the history behind it. Each recipe page has a tab which contains information about the specific bible reference and the history.


Q. What version of the Bible is used?
A. Several versions of the Bible were referred to in the creation of these recipes. Where appropriate the Bible version is noted in an abbreviation. See abbreviation key above.

Q. What if I can't find one of the ingredients?
A. Substitutions are noted for some of the harder to find ingredients in the cooking instructions sections of the recipes. Experimentation is encouraged, but if you get really stuck email us at and we will do our best to recommend a substitute ingredient.

Q. Are these recipes available in a printed book?
A. Yes! You can order the book direct from the publisher and get a 10% discount.

Q. What if I have a suggestion for an improvement or alternate to a recipe?
A. We'd love to hear your suggestions! Please email us at

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